Tax Law

In the developing economic system, the tax law which constantly and rapidly changes and has the most detailed regulations in the law area, requires an extremely meticulous work, because there are serious financial results which derive from tax-related matters in our country and misimplementations in this area. As a result of that the tax applications have a technical and financial dimension, the consultancy requirement related to the financial implementations in the area is on the rise. As Karakaya Law Office, with a specialized and experienced team, in the tax law field and expert consultants in the accountancy and treasury field, we offer you an efficient legal consultancy service at the point of settlement of the disputes derive from the individuals and companies’ tax applications and all the necessary legal support especially on the areas below:

  • Reaching a compromise or making a case about the legal issues derive from the implementation of the tax assessment, accrual, collection and punishment in the frame of the income tax, corporation tax, value-added tax, special transaction tax, motor vehicles tax and the other taxes,
  • The taxational disputes derive from the special transactions such as intercompany transactions, resource transfers, transactions between shareholders,
  • Legal dimension of the taxational planning and the legal consultancy related to the tax auditing,
  • Providing all necessary legal information and support about the current changes in the tax legislation.