Real Estate Law

Foreign investor interest and new enactments during recent years have positively contributed to development of Turkish real estate sector. In this context, we effectively provide the following legal services to both local and foreign real estate investors and retail companies:

  • Provision of legal consultancy in all phases of real estate transactions from the development of a project to its completion;
  • Preparation of construction agreement in return for land/revenue, promise to sell, engineering and procurement agreements;
  • Drafting shopping centre lease, shopping centre management and asset management agreements;
  • Preparation of lease, hotel management and other administrative agreements;
  • Zoning and construction permit obtainment and monitoring the relevant process;
  • Conducting detailed due diligence on the properties owned and/or used by private companies or publicly owned entities within the context of mergers & acquisitions, privatization, energy and finance projects;
  • Establishment of all kinds of securities on the properties during the course of projects having vast volume;
  • Provision of all required services in relation to urban transformation.