Intellectual Property Law

Products derive from individuals’ intellectual works have an economic meaning as a value of assets and also the individuals have non-pecuniary benefits on these products. In today’s world, intellectual products are spread over a wide range, but on the other hand it is very often to encounter with acts which violate intellectual rights. There are lots of violations of intellectual rights belong to individuals or organizations in many cases such as unauthorized use of an element of a trademark right or a patent, offering unauthorized copies of a product or with a common phrase, putting backstreet products on the market or plagiarization from a musical work or unauthorized use of such a work. It is very important to apply an efficient legal protection against to these types of violations in terms of both financial consequences and owners. Our law system allows two different results including criminal law and compensation law against these types of violations. It is obvious that in order to achieve desired results, it is extremely important to use both law field effectively. Besides, in view of serious consequences of this type of cases, individuals who face with a false claim of intellectual rights infringement needs to make use of an efficient legal aid. As Karakaya Law Office, with our team experience in the literary and artistic works, in the framework of scientific support we get from our country’s leading scientists and our experiences gained from many cases in this area, we offer to our clients efficient and result-oriented legal consultancy and litigation services regarding criminal and civil law in the fields below:


  • Trademark and patent cases,
  • Civil cases derive from infringement to literary and artistic works,
  • Criminal cases derive from intellectual property products infringement