Insurance Law

In parallel with the rapid development of the insurance business in our country, the number of the disputes derive from the implementations of the insurance is increasing every passing day. In the insurance implementations, there are several subjects cause legal disputes in the most of the contracts such as that whether the risk occurred or not, whether the risk covered by the insurance or not, defect status and its effect on the contract and to recourse the payment to the defective person. In addition, the general financial risk brought by insurance activities also causes that the administrations supervise these activities intensively. In parallel with all these, the amendments in the Turkish Commercial Code and the Insurance Law, these are the main legislation of the insurance, and the regulations, directives and notices related to these codes make the technical and legal support extremely important. In this frame, as Karakaya Law Office, we offer our clients an efficient legal consultancy and litigation service especially on the areas below:

  • Resolution of the legal disputes derive from the insurance contracts,
  • Establishment of the legal structure required for the insurance companies and the agencies by the Code, legal appointments in this area and resolution of the disputes derive from these issues,
  • To provide essential legal support in case of the administrative supervisions related to the insurance field,
  • Legal applications and litigation about the administrative institutions’ transactions related to the insurance field,