Information Technology, Communication And Media Law

Even if it is quite possible to say that media, as one of the most pronounced concept, is growing in the axis of receiving news-notifying news just like in the past, today media has earn the distinction of being an information exchange and entertainment area. It is obvious that the media is performing a function such as protection of integrity of the social structure and acceleration of the flow of information. However, the speed in the flow of the information brought along serious problems. It is necessary to state that disclosure of the information, which sometimes can be contrary to the facts, belongs to a person may affect the person’s life profoundly and it causes very serious legal consequences. As a natural result of this, it becomes a frequently encountered issue that the violation of individuals’ rights and freedoms through media tools such as television, internet, radio, newspaper, magazine etc. and fabricated news related to individuals, giving place to articles, comments, photographs or videos regarding private life unauthorizedly, broadcasting of news, comments etc. which are libelous. In addition, violation of privacy of individuals, recording of videos and sounds on the sly, disclosure of these through media and even sharing them with a few people may cause extremely serious consequences. Similarly, access illegally to personal communication instruments such as computers or telecommunication tools through remote access may cause same serious consequences. Correspondingly, in recent years it is a frequent encountered crime committed via information systems such as accessing to data processing systems unauthorizedly via the internet, even using them for fraud or stealing credit card information. Therefore, it is possible to be a victim of IT tools or to face with claims related to crimes committed via these tools. The legal aid in this field requires highly meticulous work and expertise. It is pretty important to get technical and scientific support correctly and to use it efficiently for the jurists work in the area. As Karakaya Law Office, within the framework of our technic knowledge and experiences that we gain from the transactions related to hundreds of clients we gave legal service and the cases we won, we offer our clients an efficient legal service in these areas below:


  • Use of rights of reply and rectification, legal applications need to followed up in this area,
  • Crimes related to the protection of personal data,
  • Crimes of defamation, aspersion and incrimination via media,
  • Crimes of violation of privacy,
  • Violation of communicational secrecy,
  • Cases related to material and moral indemnities,
  • Cyber-crimes.