Environmental Criminal Law

In today’s conditions, in the face of the growing importance of the environmental rights in social life, crimes against the environment are specially regulated in our country as in many criminal codes. In the investigations and prosecutions relating to the environmental crimes, not to put together the criminal law knowledge with the technical scientific knowledgeproperly may cause severe punishments and also severe measures for many business organizations. Therefore, in this kind of crimes, it is extremely important to follow effectively every stage of the investigation and prosecution with technical and scientific support and to get legal assistance properly in terms of preventing this type of adverse outcomes. As Karakaya Law Office, within our wide experience and vast knowledge which derive from many cases in this field, we offer our clients and effective legal consultancy and litigation service in the areas below:

  • Crime of intentional pollution of environment,
  • Crime of pollution of environment by negligence,
  • Crime of pollution caused by constructions,
  • Crime of causing noise,
  • Crimes related to forest,
  • Crimes related to cultural and natural properties,
  • Crime of spread out of radiation,
  • Crimes related to hazardous substances,
  • Environmental crimes placed in other codes
  • Crimes of endangering public safety.