Economical Criminal Law

The implementation of economical criminal law progresses in parallel with the economic progress in the country. The problems which exposures of economical crimes and accusations of economical incrimination are frequently encountered. However, the cases which are related with economical criminal law reach an unjustifiable end because economical criminal law includes extremely technical affairs and the implementation in this field is too hard. It can be said that, a large extent wrong implementation of the field is economical criminal law among the norms of the Criminal Law. In fact, generally, the sufficient importance was not given to criminal investigation and cases when personal actions and action for damages come into question. On the other hand, It should not be forgotten that the criminal cases and investigations results can be weighty and also generally the results can be important in terms of the commercial standing and career development of person and corporations and the results can effect the civil law-suits. Therefore, the importance of follow up of the phases of prosecution and case which are related with economical criminal law should not be ruled out taking into account all of these.

Karakaya Attorneys at Law as family has wide experience which we gain with many prosecution and cases related with economical criminal law and many academic and professional studies. In this context, we provide efficient legal consultancy service to our clients who are affected by crime or offense being charged in the terms of economical criminal law.


Karakaya Attorneys at Law provides consultancy and legal service in the fields of,

  • Breach of Trust
  • Use of Blank Bill
  • Fraud and Qualified form of Fraud
  • Fraudulent Bankrupt and Negligent Bankrupt
  • Benefiting from a Service without Compensation
  • Laundering of Assets Acquired as a result of Offense
  • Banking Crimes
  • Insurance Crimes
  • Capital Market Crimes,
  • Corruption in Tenders and Involvement in Fraudulent Act During Fulfillment of Obligations,
  • Energy Market Crimes,
  • Competition crimes,
  • Disclosure of Business Secrets, Banking Secrets or Information Relating to Customers,

to our clients with creative solutions.