Commercial Law

In the financial area, a great major of human activities are called as business operations in the law field. The natural person has most of income sources derive from business operations and the power of the commercial companies every day known more and more regulates the business operations. So that makes the law field to gain importance. As the commercial relations, which are getting more complicated, require foreseeing disputes about them and taking precautions, it is quite necessary to make careful evaluations at the point of resolution of the disputes derive from business operations. As Karakaya Law Office, with a specialized and experienced team, in the commercial law field, we offer you the legal consultancy service, preparation of the legal documents related to business operations such as contracts, protocols, notifications, denunciations etc., resolution of the disputes derive from the commercial practices and giving all the necessary legal support especially on the areas below:

  • Law of commercial enterprise,
  • Company law,
  • Trade of the business enterprises,
  • Unfair competition,
  • Management of the company,
  • Share transfer transactions, company transfer and merger,
  • Contract law,
  • Partnership agreements,
  • Liquidation,
  • Law of the commercial papers,
  • Venture capital,
  • Capital markets,
  • Loan contracts,
  • Leasing contracts.